What is Woocontacts?

Woocontacts is a contact management tool to help you stay organised with your personal and professional network. Our goal is to create an app that makes remembering and organising contacts fast, simple, and fun.

Who is it for?

Woocontacts is for individuals that require a digital, real-time solution for staying in touch with the ever-changing contact details of friends, external customers, suppliers and business relations.

Where can I find more tips and guides on using Woocontacts?

You can find more tips on how to use Woocontacts on our blog.

Where can I download the browser extension for Woocontacts?

Woocontacts currently only support Chrome, and you can download it from the Chrome Web Store: Woocontacts page.

How can I import my contacts and connections from LinkedIn or Google?

You can import your connections from LinkedIn and Google Contacts (Gmail, Android Contacts) to Woocontacts. Check out these guides: How to Import from LinkedIn and How to Import from Google.

How can I import my contacts from a local file (CSV, EXCEL & JSON)?

First go to the import page then select the type of document you want to import. Then upload the file. It may take some while depending on the number of contacts you're importing.

Do note that the import file format follows the Google contacts format. Contact us if you encounter any problem while importing.

How can I export or backup my contacts?

To export or backup your contacts from Woocontacts. Go to the export page to export your contacts. You can choose to export the contacts in different formats such as CSV, EXCEL & JSON.

To export only some selected contacts. You can do so in the main contacts dashboard by selecting the contacts then click export in the navigation bar.

Is Woocontacts Secure?

Data quality, GDPR, data protection, and compliance. All these procedures are automated and built-in features, that secures data added through Woocontacts to be secured. Security is our #1 priority.

Is the contact data sold or used in any other way than intended by the users?

No. Woocontacts contact data is owned exclusively by the users of the app. The data is not sold, processed or used in any way other than making the contact data readily available to users.

Are my contacts contacted by anyone from Woocontacts?

No. Your contacts are your contacts, and neither Woocontacts, nor any 3rd parties have the right to solicit them in any way without your consent.

How do I share a contact?

You can easily share your contacts to friends. To share a contact is as easy as hovering over a contact or clicking on it then you click the share button
This automatically copies the contact url to your clipboard which you can share to friends.
Sharing is caring :)

How do I contact you?

You can email us directly at info@woocontacts.co.

Are you on Social Media?

Yes! You can find us on currently on Twitter and Linkedin. Where we talk about what's coming to Woocontacts and share interesting tips and articles on how to better manage our network and people in our lives.

What is your pricing?

Woocontacts is currently in beta, which means we are working on adding more exciting new features. While it is in beta, Woocontacts is completely free to use.

Woocontacts Chrome Extension

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We’ve created the perfect tool just for you. Our handy browser extension lets you save any contact you find on the web in a click of a button, on literally any website.


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