Mission And Team.

We are on a mission to make managing of personal contacts Simple, Fast, and Fun!

Too many of us struggle with effectively manage people in our professional lives.. With thousands and thousands of connections on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook…etc., we only get reminded of the people that the algorithm wants us to see, or people who share updates the most often. Just because someone doesn’t use Social Media as much, doesn’t mean they are any less important!

We want to take back control of our professional networks, and manage the people in our lives better.

We want it to be a tool that you enjoy using. And we want it to be the best personal relationship management tool you’ll ever need. ‍


Hi, I created Woocontacts, and I love making digital products. Reach out to me if you need to know anything about this lovely web-app.


Oshodi Kolapo

Fullstack Developer