Save People You Find Online

Woocontacts makes it easy to save and organise people from any social platforms or websites: prospects, partners, creators, candidates, investors, influencers ...etc.

So you can instantly find the right people when you need them.

Install the Chrome Extension to bookmark contacts in one click. Quickly save anyone you find online.

Build contacts, Build Relationships
Flexible Importing and Exporting of Contacts
Secure End to End Encryption
All in a single dashboard

Everything you need to manage your contacts in one central place

Manage and organise everyone you want to remember, all in a single dashboard with a cluster-free clean visual design.

So you can instantly find the right people when you need them.

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Amazing features to make it even more fun

While making woocontacts, usability and satisfaction of users was highly focused on as they are the most important for simplicity.

Organize & Collaboration

Add to Projects

Group and categorize contacts into projects for easy access and various purposes. Gather contacts by expertise, role, location… or whatever is relevant to you.

Unified source

Seamless Exporting and Importing

Import your connections from LinkedIn and contacts from Google Contacts (Gmail, Android Contacts) in a few easy steps. Even from your local files (csv, excel & json).

We let you backup your contacts to your preferred local files (csv, excel & json) in seconds.

Powerful and Flexible

Complete the Contact

We take a single piece of information-email address, social handle, phone number-and give you a more complete profile. Enriched, contextual data ensures you always contact the right person.


Stay Organised + Quick Search

Organise people with your own tags, notes, and projects. Find people you came across with a simple search on our clean and simple dashboard. Gather all your past, present and future contacts in one place.

Easy Sharing

Share your contacts

Share your contacts with your friends, company’s internal systems, and with one another. They get a simple dashboard to interact with the contact even if they are not registered users on Woocontacts. Yes!


Frequently Asked Questions

More Questions

Who is it for?

Woocontacts is for individuals that require a digital, real-time solution for staying in touch with the ever-changing contact details of friends, external customers, suppliers and business relations.

Is Woocontacts Secure?

Data quality, GDPR, data protection, and compliance. All these procedures are automated and built-in features, that secures data added through Woocontacts to be secured. Security is our #1 priority.

How does it differ from other CM apps?

Woocontacts is built in mind for people who just want something simple yet powerful way to manage their contacts and focus on what matters.

What is your pricing?

Woocontacts is currently in beta, which means we are working on adding more exciting new features. While it is in beta, Woocontacts is completely free to use.

Woocontacts Chrome Extension

Need a Faster way to save people online?

We’ve created the perfect tool just for you. Our handy browser extension lets you save any contact you find on the web in a click of a button, on literally any website.


We love your feedback!

Woocontacts is currently in BETA
We would love to know what you think about this app.